When should I stand in Blackjack?

When should I stand in Blackjack?

When should I stand in Blackjack? 1950 750 The Black Jack Kings

When should I stand in Blackjack?

Blackjack is a game of chance that also requires you to apply some skills in order to reap big payouts. It is therefore advisable to prepare well before sitting at the blackjack table. You need to understand the blackjack lingo and the decisions that you need to make with every hand that is dealt. The decision to ‘Stand’ is among the most common actions that you will constantly come across as you play.   

What does it mean to Stand, or Stay in Blackjack?

To ‘stand’ simply refers to ceasing to take any more cards and declaring your total cards to end the round.  Once you hit ‘Stand’ you do not receive any additional cards. You do not however, just hit stand, you need to make this decision wisely as you weigh in the effect of taking or not taking another card.  Below are instances when you should stand or stay to end a blackjack round.

When should you stand in blackjack?

The purpose in blackjack is to get the better hand than the dealer’s by getting as close to 21 as possible without going bust. You should therefore strategize to get the best card results even though you do not have control over the cards that you will be dealt.  For instance, you should always stand on hard 17 or more since an extra card could easily make you go bust and lose your bet. 

Other instances when you should stand include when you get soft 19 (a hand that has an ace valued at 11 and one more card) or more.  This includes always standing when you get a soft 18 to 21 since there are high chances of going bust with an extra card. You should also stand on hard 13 to 16 when a dealer shows a total of 2 to 6.

The decision to stand is among the most common decisions that you have to make in blackjack. You should therefore thoroughly study blackjack strategies and understand when to utilize this decision in order to win in blackjack.