When should I hit in Blackjack?

When should I hit in Blackjack?

When should I hit in Blackjack? 1950 750 The Black Jack Kings

When should I hit in Blackjack?

Blackjack is among the most interesting games to play for punters who like to play casino games that require skills. The challenge and excitement of outwitting the dealer is among the reasons why table games fans cannot resist playing blackjack games. You need to strategize and know when to make certain decisions when a hand is dealt.  Knowing when to hit is among the decisions that you have to make often when playing blackjack games.

What does it mean to ‘Hit’ in blackjack?

To hit refers to taking another card in addition to the initial cards that you have been dealt. You take an extra card when you need your total card values to get to 21or near to 21 without going bust. Hitting is among the commonest and simplest decisions that you make when playing blackjack. 

When to ‘Hit’ in blackjack?

The aim in blackjack is to get a better hand than the dealer’s and get to 21 or near 21 without going bust. After getting the initial cards and ascertaining that they are not near 21 you can opt to get an extra card. You can hit when your card totals 5 to 8 since an extra card would get you close to 21. You should also hit if the dealer’s hand has a 10 or an ace and your totals are 10. You should also always hit if your initial cards total 8 points.    

However, you should only ‘Hit’ or take an extra card if you are sure the extra card will not make the hand go bust or over 21. You continue ‘Hitting’ until you are assured of winning. You can also keep hitting and stand when you are sure that the next card could tip over to 21 points. The decision to hit will also depend on your budget since you can keep hitting as long as you can cover the bets.