Should I Double Down in Blackjack?

Should I Double Down in Blackjack?

Should I Double Down in Blackjack? 1950 750 The Black Jack Kings

Should I Double Down in Blackjack?

Do you love some thrill and adventure? If yes, then you should double down in Blackjack when you get the chance. But you have to understand what is at stake, learn the best times to double down, and understand the rules of playing Blackjack in that specific casino

Decisions in Blackjack

The aim in blackjack is to get to 21 points or as close to 21 as possible without going bust. You aim to beat the dealer by getting more points or making the dealer go bust. To win, you need to strategize your moves and understand the results of every decision made in every hand that is dealt.

For instance, you need to understand when to hit or stand, when to surrender, or split, among other decisions. One of the strategies that will help you increase your winning chances is knowing when to double down on your cards.

How do you double down?

Doubling down is useful when you are confident that getting one extra card will enable you to beat the dealer. At this juncture, you have the upper hand and you only require the third card to beat the dealer’s hand. So you double down by doubling your initial wager.

You do not get any other additional card after this decision; hence it’s wise to consider your options carefully. You may also double down to an amount less than the initial wager if the casino has this exception to its rules on blackjack decisions.

One of the best times to double down is when you have 11 cards or more, and the dealer’s hand is at 6 or lower. You should also look at the paytable and use the information to double down on different hands; it is more profitable this way.

Why you should double down

If you’re convinced that you will win, doubling down will get you double the profit or a bigger payout if your hand beats the dealer’s using this decision.  You should, however, use this option wisely because if you lose to the dealer, you lose big on your wager. Moreover, you should consider the chances you will forego if you lose because you won’t get an extra chance to hit or take an extra card when you double down.

Either way, if your strategy is solid, take the chance and win big.