Blackjack versus Slots: Which one should you play?

Blackjack versus Slots: Which one should you play?

Blackjack versus Slots: Which one should you play? 1950 750 The Black Jack Kings

Blackjack versus Slots: Which one should you play?

Different casino games appeal differently to different players.  It is not unusual to find punters who prefer table games to slots and vice versa. Slots and blackjack are similar in that they are games of chance and they can be played by all punters. However, delving deeper into the differences between the two games unveils some major pros and cons of playing each game and they include the following:

Blackjack has a higher RTP than slots

Blackjack games have a much lower house edge than slots. Most blackjack variants have an RTP of more than 99% which is not the case in most slots games. Moreover, experienced blackjack players have been known to utilize strategies in order to decrease the house edge, further making it a profitable game to play.

Blackjack provides a more social gaming atmosphere than slots

Since you play against the dealer, blackjack gaming provides a more social gaming experience. Slots are private games where you spin the reels solely without the croupier or other dealers.   

On the other hand, slots gaming has its appeal due to the following reasons:

Playing slots does not require strategy and skills

You do not have to utilize complicated strategies to win when playing slots. You only need to set your bets and spin the reels. Playing blackjack on the other hand requires you to understand the many decisions that you need to make with every hand that is dealt.   

There is more variety in slots than in blackjack

There are countable blackjack variants with most of the rules being standard and applicable to most versions. On the other hand, there are thousands of slots games with each bearing diverse themes, rules and features. If you are looking for variety, slots would be the ideal choice for you.

Slots provide huge payouts on small bets

You can win huge payouts despite placing small wagers on slots than on blackjack.  For instance, progressive jackpot slots have been known to rise to astronomical amounts which lucky punters have won despite having bet only small amounts on the slots games.

Your decision to play blackjack or slots would therefore depend on factors such as your skills, budget and how much you aim to win.