Are Online Casinos Rigged

Are Online Casinos Rigged

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Are Online Casinos Rigged? How the Technology Works

There is a common belief that online casinos are rigged, and they never payout money. If you visit many social forums, you will find many people vowing by the fact that online casinos are never fair. But, is this true?

First, let’s face it; online casinos are businesses that aim to make a profit. For this to be possible, they need to win more than the players do. If you look at most RTPs, you will notice that they are less than 100%. The remaining amount, which is mostly less than 10%, is the house edge. The way the technology works is in such a way that the casino can make money/profit, while also paying out winnings.

Second, it is true that some online casinos are rigged. Just like any other market, there are those enterprises that only exist to steal from the public. These are online casinos that are unregulated and unaudited. They do not have known licenses, their game providers are unknown, they have lots of negative reviews, and they lack transparency regarding their game RTPs.

Rigging in Online Casinos- How The Technology Works

The truth is, the game results of legit online casinos are not rigged. This is because they obtain their games from trusted game providers who have been certified only to provide fair games. To be allowed to provide these games, the providers need to use a technology called the Random Number Generator(RNG). This technologyensures that the game results and Return to Player Percentages (RTPs) are fair.

The RNGs are computer algorithms that produce numbers randomly without external input. Its results are unbiased, unpredictable, and cannot be interfered with. For instance, while playing a slot game, every time you spin the reels, the RNG feeds back random numbers within a specific range. What will pop up on your screen after the spin, is a symbol that corresponds to the random numbers generated. All outcomes are purely accidental, giving the players equal chances of winning.

Is it possible to cheat RNGs? In theory, yes, but it is complicated. There have been exceptions like Ronald Dale Harris, who managed to do it. However, online casinos cannot get away with changing how RNGs work. This is because independent bodies regularly audit all RNGs in online casinos. The game providers are also audited regularly to ensure they are abiding by the law of fair gaming.

Choose Fair Gaming

So, are online casinos rigged? It depends on where you choose to play.

Now that you know how the technology works, it is safe to ignore all the misconceptions about rigging in online casinos. Instead, you need tovet every online casino before becoming a member.

Ensure it has legit licensed, it is regularly audited by independent bodies, and only stocks games from reputable software providers. You should also examine its revenue and monitor its reputation using customer reviews. Also, avoid the new ones until you are sure of their operations. With these measures, you can avoid unfair gaming and instead focus on developing your skill to tip the edge in your favor.

Besides, online casinos don’t need to rig game results to make a profit-they have ‘house edge’ for that!